What are the best teeth whitening treatment to choose?

So your teeth are no longer looking their bright, white best. Ordinary everyday living – tea drinkingsmokingwine quaffing – has taken its toll on the enamel and left your teeth looking more tombstone than Tinseltown.

An ideal solution to restore your smile to its dazzling best is teeth whitening. But with so many different treatments on the market, which is the best teeth whitening procedure to go for?

There are several important factors to take into account. The first one is obviously the cost. If money is no object, you might be happy to fork out thousands to create the whitest, for example, veneers offer the perfect white smile but come at a premium and have other factors to consider like the pain and longevity.

But most of us are likely to be looking for a much more affordable procedure that is also very effective and gives the right result. The reality is that ‘yes’ some systems are inferior, however, there is plenty of top of the range teeth whitening systems that will deliver exactly the same results as the over-marketed more expensive systems.

Home whitening kits and bleaching trays are very hit and miss. Not because the service or products offered are inferior just you need to use them every day for 14 to 21 days for them to effect and this tends to put customers off as they get bored or distracted and give up before the results appear.

Within this you will also note that popular teeth whitening systems like Zoom teeth Whitening cost can range from £200 – £1000 for the identical treatment – you need to ask yourself why that is, and are we being taken advantage of?

Advanced Teeth Whitening Procedures, start from around £150 and go up to £400 depending on the type and length of treatment. As teeth whitening grows in popularity like what we offer at Sparkly Whites.

In-house procedures such as laser teeth whitening are among the most effective and popular, and providers such as Sparkly Whites can give you whiter looking teeth in one hour thanks to its 60-minute Smile treatment.

Sparkly Whites, in fact, provides the pioneering 60-minute Smile treatment which is very similar to Zoom, in which patients will see a visible difference in the whiteness of their teeth after just an hour. That combination of laser and gel treatment can then be followed by the use of a home whitening kit to maintain the bright results. Laser teeth whitening is considered by many as the best teeth whitening treatment because of its quick, long-lasting results. We also offer top-up treatments at just £99.00 for when you are looking to re-boost your smile!