Whitening results

Fastest Whitening Results
One of the ways to enhance confidence and improve your appearances is to have white teeth. It seems that almost everyone nowadays wants to have white teeth if the numerous dentist requests are anything to go by. It is obvious that teeth darken with age, with enamel becoming more susceptible to staining as time goes by. Therefore, it is important to find an effective and long-lasting solution to ensure our teeth remain white and healthy. This leads us then to ask which is the best method to achieve whitening of our teeth.

Laser Whitening Vs Traditional bleaching

Laser whitening is turning out to be one of the most sought after teeth whitening methods. It was developed as a response to complaints that traditional bleaching was not only painful but was also resulting in numerous cases of inflammation. Lasers, however, have the ability to focus on specific areas, thus minimizing pain and risks of inflammation. One of the reasons why customers are finding laser whitening treatment more suitable than traditional methods is that it works fast and is much safer. However, while the technology is still in its infancy and costs are high, it ensures teeth last white for longer.

How does it work?

While it may be a common belief that the lasers themselves clean the teeth, this is a false assumption. The dentist applies a peroxide paste in higher than normal doses across the teeth. This is followed by heating up this paste with a laser for the cleaning effect to take place. This is different from traditional methods whereby the peroxide releases oxygen molecules that break down stains. Laser bleaching is faster than whitening trays which last’s for days or even weeks and may even require the customer to adopt a certain lifestyle to achieve the results they need. Check out our recent FAQ to find out more on how it works.

Why go for the laser whitening procedure?

The laser whitening procedure is amazingly fast. This is an advantage for busy people since the procedure takes less than an hour. In addition, a single treatment procedure will produce noticeable improvements in the colour of your teeth. Even after receiving the laser teeth whitening procedure, it is advised to follow good hygiene practices to ensure your investment lasts longer. This will involve watching your diet intake, brushing your teeth regularly and doing follow-up treatments after the stipulated period. You can expect laser whitening effects to last between 6-12 months.

What are some of the disadvantages of laser whitening?

A major concern about laser whitening has been the amounts of peroxide and chemical combinations used in the process. Some of the arguments are that the heat from the laser can weaken the teeth pulp or even erode the enamel of a patient. However, there is no substantial evidence to prove these safety issues. This means that laser whitening continues to be the most sought after teeth whitening procedure, with the only disadvantage being that it is costlier, but then again, the fact that a single procedure will produce commendable results makes it even more appealing. Check out one of our blogs about the disadvantages of Laser teeth whitening.