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Our Best Result


Derick age 75 – Sutton, Surrey

  • Result: 9 shades lighter.
  • Treatment: 1 hour Laser + Home Maintenance Whitening Kit
  • Staining: Tobacco, Coffee, Red Wine, general food staining.

Jane Anderson age 28 SW London

  • Results: 7 Shades Lighter.
  • Type of Staining: Smoking, Coffee.& General lifestyle staining.
  • Treatment: 1 hour Power Laser Treatment


Christine age 20 London

  • Results: 6 Shades Lighter
  • Type Staining: General staining
  • Treatment: 1 hour Power Laser
  • Christine had diffused yellowing on her canines and front incisors; following treatment, her teeth were 6 shades whiter and the colour of her teeth was adjusted to create a stunning, brighter smile.


Patricia age 32 Crystal Palace

  • Results: 8 Shades Lighter
  • Type Staining: General lifestyle staining.
  • Treatment: 1 hour Power Laser
  • Whitening Experts Comment: "Patricia's end-of-treatment results were whiter than our Vitashade guiding scale; her teeth are some of the whitest I've ever seen."

Derick, who exudes charm and has a tremendous appetite for living, is just 75 years old. He used to smoke cigarettes and is now a huge fan of coffee, so he made an appointment with Sparkly Whites to get the stains removed from his front teeth. He was quite practical, understanding that as you grow older, the enamel on your teeth will get thinner, and they will lose their brightness. Our teeth will never appear as white as they did when we were young.

He decided to go through with the one-hour power laser treatment and was thrilled with the results he got in such a short amount of time. During the appointment, he was given a Home Maintenance Whitening Kit to take home with him. 

Two weeks later, he returned for a post-treatment consultation, at which time the dentist saw that his teeth had become two shades whiter on the VitaShade guide. Please note that all laser treatments can only whiten your front (top and bottom) 18-20 smile teeth (tooth that are visible when you smile). 

The number of teeth that can be whitened by laser varies from person to person depending on the size of the mouth cavity. If you apply whitening gel too far back, there is a chance that the gel could come into touch with your gums, which has the potential to cause gum irritation as well as transient gum burns. It is strongly advised that you use custom trays in order to whiten farther back.

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