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No, these therapies are not same. No peroxide is used in any of our treatments. A non-peroxide substance is put to the teeth, and a laser or light is used to accelerate the chemical process that lightens the colour of the teeth.

Before administering any therapy, we do a consultation. At this session, you will be given a chart that depicts your present level of tooth whitening, as well as the shade we anticipate you to acquire after treatment.

Our laser teeth whitening procedure takes around an hour, though you should allow time before for a consultation period, so that we can talk you through the treatment and what to expect. We will also discuss how best to prolong the results, following the treatment. In total, you should allow 1.5 to 2 hours.

Although the results are not permanent, they will typically last an average of 2 years. The actual length of time will vary from person to person, and will depend upon lifestyle factors. Drinking tea and coffee, for example, can cause staining and may reduce how long the effects last for, as would smoking.

No, the procedure won’t damage your teeth in any way. The treatment lifts stains and lightens the shade of the teeth by several shades. A compound is applied to your teeth and your gums are protected. The laser or light is simply designed to speed up the reaction of the compound and would not cause any damage to your teeth either.

The condition of your teeth won’t affect the treatment, but of course teeth whitening is not a substitution for good oral health. You should maintain a good habit of regular brushing and routine dental check-ups.

Should you decide to have further treatments in future, then you’re perfectly able to do so. As the procedure doesn’t weaken the teeth or damage them in any way, there’s no problem with having repeat treatments.

You should continue to maintain good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth at least twice a day. This is important for general oral health. With regards to maintaining the whiteness of your teeth, avoiding drinks containing tannins, not smoking and brushing after each meal can all help with prolonging the results of the treatment. In any case, you should try to avoid any food and drink containing a strong colour for up to 24 hours after the treatment, such as juices, fizzy drinks, jams, and so on.

We have a number of clinics spread across various locations in the home counties, as well as offering home visits. Appointments are available 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends, so we can fit around your busy schedule.

After your first treatment, as a returning customer, your future treatments will be subject to a reduced price compared to the first. You may also be able to get a cheaper appointment by booking in a treatment during for any cancellation that we may have received, saving you money on your treatment.

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