A Brighter Smile in Just 1 Hour - Sparkly Whites Windsor

Whether its whitening in our clinic or at home we have Windsor covered!

It’s so simple you’ll be out in a 60mins & smiling for years to come!

At the Windsor Sparkly Whites clinic our teeth whitening method is quick, simple, immediately effective & has no negative health effects and can be done at the time that is suitable for you. The procedure is painless and best of all can be completed in about an hour. With such a quick process and very competitive prices, why not treat yourself like a celebrity for once, and reap the huge benefits of a healthy white smile.

For added convenience we offer the treatment in the comfort of your home at no added cost. This is perfect for evening and weekend appointments.

Give yourself a dazzling smile and a boost to your confidence with laser teeth whitening. Pick the most convenient location and top choice in Sparkly Whites in Windsor.

Sparkly Whites can offer the latest techniques in laser teeth whitening direct from the US in a comfortable, professional environment – and at very affordable prices.

Say goodbye to yellow, stained teeth and say hello to a bright new smile that will turn heads.

Get a smile with star quality in Windsor

There are a host of reasons why so many of us are choosing to have laser teeth whitening. The procedure is continually growing in popularity because of its speed and effectiveness in reducing staining and whitening the enamel on teeth.

Regular brushing and flossing is essential for healthy teeth and gums but can do little to stop our teeth yellowing and becoming stained over time. What we eat and drink has the greatest effect on reducing the whiteness in our teeth, while smoking is also harmful to having a bright, white smile, but the greatest enemy is age – the enamel becomes more porous as we grow older and more prone to stains.

If your teeth aren’t as white as you want them to be, you’re likely to become self-conscious about them, inhibiting your smile when you meet people and perhaps, even becoming a social barrier and leaving you less confident in important situations such as job interviews.

You can change all that in just one hour with laser teeth whitening at the Windsor clinic of Sparkly Whites.

A bit of all white

All staff at Sparkly Whites in Windsor are professional and fully trained in all aspects of laser teeth whitening. They will provide an in-depth consultation in which your teeth are examined closely to ascertain which laser teeth whitening procedure will be most effective for you.

These include the 60-minute smile from a specially formulated gel that will give you visible results in just one hour. The treatment is painless and will not damage the enamel.