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Whether its whitening in our clinic or at home we have Slough covered!

Achieve the Perfect Look in Slough- Sparkly Whites Advanced Whitening

The Sparkly Whites Slough Location is situated within the Slough estate which is the home of many Blue-Chip international companies. It is right next to the o2 centre building, and has ample visitors parking so you don’t need to walk far or worry about where to park. The teeth whitening clinic is housed within a very modern building with refreshments and a comfortable lounge waiting area if you decide to arrive earlier.

We also can offer the treatment at home at no extra cost!

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Slough’s top location for laser teeth whitening If you’re embarrassed by yellow or stained teeth, laser teeth whitening is a great option for restoring a bright, white smile.

At the Sparkly Whites laser teeth whitening clinic in Slough, there is a range of treatments on offer that can rid your teeth of the stains and discoloration that’s so typical of modern life.

Advances in the techniques used to lighten teeth mean the procedures now are remarkably affordable and fast – you can even pop along in your lunch hour and leave 60 minutes later with a dazzling Hollywood smile.

Why choose laser teeth lightening in Slough?

As one of Sparkly Whites’ 17 locations across the Home Counties, the Slough clinic offers top-of-the-range facilities and the most up-to-date techniques in laser teeth whitening direct from the US.

The clinic can be found in the Slough Business Park that is home to many international companies and with plenty of parking available, clients can visit knowing they won’t spend needless time looking for a safe spot close to the clinic. Its excellent location adds to the convenience of the Slough laser teeth whitening clinic with quick ease of access and professional staff and procedures.

Specially-trained consultants are available online or by telephone to discuss the benefits and costs of laser teeth whitening, so anyone considering undergoing this procedure will be fully aware of all that is involved, including the best procedure for their teeth and the long-term effects.

Naturally brilliant

There are lots of reasons for having laser teeth whitening. The reality is that few of us actually have teeth that are brilliantly white and no amount of brushing and flossing can change that. Our teeth become more discoloured as we get older and food and drinks – particularly tea, coffee and red wine – will stain our teeth as will tobacco.

Often, we get self-conscious about our teeth if they are stained and so, laser teeth whitening is a fantastic way of restoring confidence, so every time we open our mouths, we look and feel good.

Laser teeth whitening, such as the 60-minute smile, use a special gel to lighten teeth and custom-made teeth whitening trays can maintain that dazzling white smile, all available now at Sparkly Whites in Slough.

Slough Laser Teeth Whitening in 1 Hour!

Everyone wants a whiter smile. It makes you more attractive, healthier, and it can really bring out your personality having a bright, shining grin. And with all of the modern technology that we have it’s easy to achieve a smile like you see on magazine covers and television. But for those who don’t want to spend weeks waiting for gradual results from pastes and programs, there’s a faster, simpler way. Namely having your teeth whitened through the use of a simple procedure that uses a laser. It only takes one hour, and you’ll be in, out and ready to move on with your day and your life.