Sparkly Whites Reading Berkshire

If you are located in Reading, Berkshire, then you are lucky as you have one of Sparkly Whites locations to achieve your dreamy whiter teeth.

Generally we are open 6 days a week and offer evening and weekend appointment, so getting a time that suits your schedule is easy.

We offer laser teeth whitening in our clinic or you can have it done at home, yes home! We offer the most convenient way of getting a whiter smile in Reading and the Berkshire area.

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Did you know?

There may still be some people who are reluctant about using laser teeth whitening because they wont be sure it works, we can guarantee the results.
However, if the price is an issue, then keep in mind that there are always price specials available for this new method of teeth whitening, and you will love the results. Another great benefit of at least trying this new whitening method besides the fact that it is painless is that the effects last longer. The whiteness on your teeth using the laser whitening system can last for two years.

Reasons to get your teeth whitening in Reading –

  • 1 Appointment needed
  • Evening and weekend opening for max convenience
  • Whiter smile up to 12 shades
  • Cost effective solution for an instant whiter smile
  • Long lasting results

There is nothing like having a glorious looking set of pearly whites to show off your lovely wraparound smile. Sadly so many people try and avoid even giving a smile, because they are so embarrassed about the colour of their teeth, and understandably so, with so much pressure from celebrities, actors & models in magazines, television and on the silver screen -its totally understandable!

Achieving that Hollywood smile, is actually much simpler than you might think at our Sparkly White’s Reading Teeth Whitening clinic.  In as little as 60mins you could achieve that coveted set of healthy looking teeth, with laser teeth whitening.

The procedure involves using a whitening solution that can correct and brighten teeth up to more than 12 shades lighter.  The teeth whitening gel is activated by the laser light which accelerates the whitening process within 1 hour than making it a quick and convenient procedure which you could have done within your lunch hour.