Leatherhead Laser Teeth Whitening - Sparkly Whites Teeth Whitening Clinic

The Leatherhead teeth whitening clinic is located close to the town centre and easily commutable from Ashstead, Fetcham, Bookham, Dorking.  There is parking within the business park, and refreshments are available at the clinic if you would like a drink before you start your treatment.

60 minutes to the 'smile of your dreams' now in Surrey!

Imagine a process that will return your teeth to their original white splendour!  Teeth whitening is no longer some high-tech fantasy. The procedure is painless and best of all can be completed in about an hour. You’ll be surprised and impressed when you  discover almost instant results. There is no hidden agenda when you undergo teeth whitening: no series of return visits or gel strips to  place on your teeth while you sleep. You simply come in, sit down and let your teeth whitening consultant do his or her job.

5 Reasons why you would whiten your teeth in Leatherhead?

  1. You work in a client facing job where people see your teeth
  2. Its quick & simple – no follow up visits required.
  3. Your discoloured teeth stop you smiling at people.
  4. You are just embarrased about the colour of your teeth
  5.  You’ve just quit smoking and want to remove the stains

We have teeth whitening locations in Leatherhead where you could have whiter teeth in just 60 minutes.  We also offer a Home Laser Whitening service which offers exactly the same level of service and results you would get within one of our clinic locations.

It is a fantastic and convenient service for busy professionals who are time limited, or for mothers with young children where you can have the treatment done in the comfort of your home and surroundings.  The Home Service also works well for laser teeth whitening parties – possibly you are getting married and you & your fiance would like whiter teeth for those all important wedding pictures you will look back on over the years to come