A Brighter Smile in Cobham

There are many reasons why our customers choose to brighten their smiles, however the end result is always the same, if you are happier with your smile it will show in your confidence!  Our Cobham Sparkly White’s Laser Teeth Whitening service, is now available if you live in the area, offering the latest advances in Teeth Whitening from the USA.  In only 60mins our system is guaranteed to transform your smile with instant results!

Sparkly Whites Cobham Teeth Whitening Clinic

We are dedicated in our approach and take every care to ensure you are comfortable & relaxed. With every treatment we undertake an in-depth consultation process to firstly see if you are suitable for the treatment, and to understand the type of staining you have on your teeth. By understanding the type of staining you have, we are able to tailor our treatment to achieve the best possible results for you. We give honest and open feedback regarding the process and likely results your teeth will achieve.

The Treatment – We offer a range of teeth whitening services, so we are well equipped to offer you the most up to date teeth whitening technology available.  Our most popular method is Laser Teeth Whitening, which takes as little as 60mins to achieve results up to 12 shades lighter. Once you have had the initial consultation, we choose the shade of your darkest tooth with you (usually your canine tooth, as it normally presents as the darkest tooth), and then again at the end of the treatment, to see how many shades lighter your teeth have achieved. Check out all our different options we have to offer you.

We then protect all your soft tissue i.e gums, with a special protective resin, cured under special light.  Once your teeth are isolated, we apply a safe & non damaging whitening gel to your teeth, and then cycle the laser light system for 3×10 minute sessions.  With each application of the product combined with the laser light, years of staining from coffees, teas, red wine, smoking and curries etc are lifted, to brighten your teeth once again.

How long do Laser Whitening Teeth Whitening results last – Typically Laser Teeth Whitening results last between 12-18months, this varies due to two variable factors:  The structure of your enamel (the thickness and porosity), for instance, thin enamel may stain faster, combined with your diet & lifestyle i.e if you smoke cigarettes and love your double espresso coffee’s or eat staining foods on regular basis, this might affect the range of the results.

We understand you need to enjoy your lifestyle, without having to worry about what you are eating & drinking on a daily basis, so with every treatment you get a  Free Aftercare Home Maintenance Teeth Whitening kit that you can use to touch up & brighten your teeth with every few months, and extend the range of your results.  Once you have had your initial treatment with us, all follow up TOP UP treatments are only £139, meaning you now have an affordable way to maintain your beautiful smile.

If you are looking to have teeth whitening in Surrey, then the Cobham Clinic is perfectly located for the following area’s:  Byfleet – Downside – Cobham – Oxshott – Esher – Hampton Court – Kingston – Claygate – Byfleet – Ashtead – Effingham – Leatherhead – Guildford – Epsom – Ewell – Surrey – Sutton