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Whether its whitening in our clinic or at home we have Camberley covered!

Laser Teeth Whitening in Camberley has never been easier. It is now possible to get your teeth whitened in little to no time at all – in fact 60 minutes is all you need to achieve a Brighter Laser Teeth Whitened Smile. Sparkly Whites in Camberley is perfect for busy business professionals who are time limited and need a quick and convenient, yet professional service, that they could have done in between business meetings or their lunch break.

Brighten up your day and your life

Our Camberley clinic is perfectly located and ideally located for busy professionals who are time limited or if you live within the Surrey, Berks and surrounding areas.

Lunch hour laser teeth whitening Camberley

Laser teeth whitening is a simple and safe procedure that lightens the enamel on your teeth, reducing staining, and eliminating unsightly yellowing or browning that makes many people self-conscious about their smile.

Many people embark on the procedure for a particular reason – perhaps they are getting married or, about to have an important job interview – and they want to look and feel good. And, many more, simply want to feel better about themselves and smile naturally without worrying about what their teeth look like.

At Sparkly Whites’ Camberley clinic, the professional staff carry out the procedures that include the popular 60-minute smile. The whitening procedures will apply a special gel to your teeth, and you’ll see a visible difference in just one hour – simply perfect for a busy professional who can see their smile transformed during their lunch hour.

If you’re considering laser teeth whitening at Camberley, why not call our specially trained consultants or chat online to find out exactly what the procedure involves, what it costs and how it can give you the perfect white smile.

Why is our Camberley Teeth Whitening Clinic right for you?

Your results are instant – you will see an immediate & visible result in 60 minutes.

  1. Our Whitening specialists are highly trained, on the latest procedures, technology & products.
  2. Attention to detail & personal care, is foremost to our ethic & approach with every client.
  3.  Sparkly Whites Clinics are conveniently located, so booking an appointment near you is easy
  4. Prior to the treatment you will have a Consultation, of which most people are suitable

Considering Teeth Whitening in Camberley?

Imagine a process that will return your teeth to their original white splendour! Teeth whitening is no longer some high-tech fantasy. The procedure is painless and best of all can be completed in about an hour. You’ll be surprised and impressed when you discover almost instant results. There is no hidden agenda when you undergo teeth whitening: no series of return visits or gel strips to place on your teeth while you sleep.